Buff Bullies is a collection of 420 unique PFP NFT’s living on the BSC Blockchain.  Every Buff Bullies NFT is designed MANUALLY and considered a work of art and a masterpiece by itself. Portion of the proceeds shall be donated to Pawssion Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in distress.

Investors shall have the right to vote on vital matters affecting the future of Buff Bullies.

SOON: Holders will be able to earn passive income through staking their NFT’s.


💪 Awesome, stunning and unique PFP NFT’s

💪 Holders rewards, NFT giveaways and discounts to future collections

💪 Exclusive access to the Buff Bully Club

💪 20% of sales shall be donated to Pawssion Project

💪 20% of all sales will be converted to BUSD and kept in a fund that will be raffled off every time forty-two (42) NFT sales is completed. Qualified for each raffle draw will be purchasers of each set of 42 NFT’s, the number of entries of each holder is to be determined in proportion to his NFT purchase.

💪 Price increases by 10% every time forty-two (42) NFT sales is completed

💪 SOON – Staking – NFT holders will be able to earn $BuBu

💪 SOON – DAO Voting & Submissions 

More than a decade ago, several dogs of different breeds got stranded from their home, were lost altogether, and ended up in a remote island.  There was no way they could escape from the island and return to their home.  But the dogs managed to coexist and live to an old age.  In the meantime, they produced different strains with a characteristic appearance and temperament.  This is the Buff Bullies. Not too long ago, however, an animal rescue and rehabilitation group, led by Cinco, discovered the dogs. The parent dogs have died of old age and only the next generation of dogs have survived.  Now fully rehabilitated, the dogs are looking for a new HOME and MASTER.

Will you open your home for them and be their Master?

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